Corporate Events

Art events organizes company events, providing practical and efficient solutions to meet the objective of each brand and combining emotions and experiences in a single important event. The Art events team helps you in the choosing of the location, arrangements and all related services that make a professional event planning.

Product Presentations, Press Day, Exhibitions
It is known that “clothes don’t make the man”, but what would you say about hissavoir-faire?
Every product or experience deserves to be presented at its best! If the challenge of every brand is to make its mark on its audience, Art Events supports companies from all sectors in launching their ideas and new products in a distinctive and winning way.

Appointments and Corporate Anniversaries
There’s always a good reason to celebrate! Whether it is to close a deal with a customer or to reward your employees, in the company calendar there can be countless celebrations.
Art Events takes care of all aspects of each type of event, making it as special as you imagined.

Training and Team Building
Innovation is the ability to find creative and explosive responses to improve a company’s products and processes. It is based on soft skills, which are very transversal skills, useful to adopt an original approach to work. Innovation can therefore be taught through the activities of Soft Skills Training, experiences that Art Events, thanks to its Partners, has made art-oriented, integrating the beauty and the fun of art of learning.

Location scouting & Location Management
Event Management
Organizing Secretary
Partnership Development
Custom Design and Graphics
Supplier management
Selection of Caterer
A/V Service
Hostess and Security
Photographers and video makers


Product Launch - Phygital and digital events - Press Conference - Digital presentations - Product exhibitions - Corporate events and meetings - Corporate happy hour - Business lunches - Gala dinners - Team Building activities & workshop



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